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Joy-filled and Enthusiastic
Ready for work

That describes the 125 young men preparing for the priesthood at St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya. And their job, they’ll tell you, is to make Christ present in all times, in all places. And they are doing that even now, as part of their formation. They visit local hospitals, to pray with the sick and dying.

They spend time with the many orphans of HIV / AIDS in their African homeland, reminding these children that they have not been abandoned, that the Lord loves them. They help in parishes near the seminary. “Our work is now and will always be about every moment of every day,” explains one seminarian, Joshua, “about filling those moments with God’s love.”

Will you be with a young man in the Missions in this moment as he gets “ready for work” – as he prepares to be a priest among his own people? Mission seminarians receive about $700 in support each year – that’s just about $2 a day, $60 a month. Would you provide such help today, making a donation to the Society of St. Peter Apostle?

Offered one mission seminarian at St. Thomas Aquinas:
“We remember you in prayer, with grateful, loving hearts.”


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