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► Journey With Jesus Curriculum
Pre-K:  Vinny’s New Day: Meet children of other lands. Learn about Baptism and belonging to God’s family. Discover ways to love like Jesus.
Kindergarten:  Children of the World: God calls them to be missionaries. Celebrate being a part of God’s family.
Grade 1:  Families Around the World: Explore the concept of the world as our home. Learn about missionaries who teach about others.
Grade 2:  Building Communities of Peace: The Christian call to be peacemakers. Call to build community. Eucharist is the celebration of the Christian community.
Grade 3:  Respect for All God’s People: What human dignity means and why each person deserves dignity.
Grade 4:  Care for Creation: Recognize all creation as a gift from God.
Grade 5:  Respect for Different Faith Traditions: Understand the importance of faith in people’s lives.
Grade 6:  Standing on the side of the Poor: Understand what it means to be poor.
Grade 7:  Beyond Borders: Migrants, Immigrants and Refugees
Grade 8:  Culture: Gift and Blessing: Learn the meaning of Culture and the role it plays in our lives.

► As Water in the Deser(DVD) 
This video invites us to become increasingly aware of our baptismal call to mission. Filmed on the el Paso, Texas/Juarez, Mexico border, the viewer hears the stories and meets people who share how they have chosen to live out this cal. It challenges Christians to examine theircall in light of their Baptism. 20 minutes (HS -Adults)

► From the Ends of the Earth- a two part series (DVD)
 This video teaches awareness of our baptismal call to continue the mission of Jesus. The Eucharist is our model for living mission in our everyday lives. Part I is titled "The Call to Mission" and Part II is called "Living the Mission."
The From the Ends of the Earth program is designed for Adult RCIA candidates. Worksheets, prayer resources and a leader's manual are included. 

► In the Shadow of Dabajian Mountain (DVD) 
Columban Father Tom Browning serves in the mountains of Taiwan with the Atayal people, working to preserve their rich culture. 17minutes (HS-Adults)

► Voices of the Earth (DVD)
This video introduces viewers to the people of the township of Midsalip in the Philippines. The people work in education, organic farming and basic healthcare services. As followers of Jesus, Midsalip's people are working for the life of the world. The program features a leader's manual, resource packet, prayer resources and enrichment activities. 14minutes (HS-Adults)

► Voices of Women(DVD)
Filmed on the streets of Manila, shows the Gospel alive in the Dakota district of Malate as women struggle to protect their homes and nurture their families. This is their story of women gathering, praying and joining together to work for change.
The program features a leader's manual, resource packet, prayer resources and enrichment activities.  15 minutes (HS-Adults)

► Walking From the Shadows (DVD)
 Some 320,000 migrant workers come from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines to find work in Taiwan. This is their story but it is also the story of migrant workers who come to the Hope Worker’s Center to find refuge and help when their rights have been violated. 22 minutes (Gr. 9-Adult)

► Maryknoll -The Field Afar (VHS)

• Episode 1 - Bangkok, Thailand:  The story of a friendship between two men in a country foreign to both of them. Brother John Beeching is a Maryknoll missioner from Victoria, B.C. and Phra Tay Jae, a Buddhist monk in exile from Burma. They find that despite differences of culture, religion and language, they share a common spiritual call in serving the Mon, an ethnic people forced to flee their homeland by the Burmese army.  26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 2 - Pilcuyo, Peru:  Maribeth Bathum and Steve Nathe find their home among the Aymara people, welcomed by lay leaders like Pedro Copaja. The married couple from Bemidji, Minn., celebrate good harvest with the people of Peru’s highlands after years of barren fields.
26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 3 - Msange, Tanzania:  In rural Tanzania, education for girls is considered by many families to be an unaffordable luxury. Young women are to marry, raise children, keep a home, and work in the fields. At the Murigha girls school founded by Maryknoll Sister Darlene Jacobs a quiet revolution is taking place as high school girls learn skills and attitudes that transform them into independent, self-confident women.   26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

►  Episode 4 - Sherpur, Bangladesh:  Robert McCahill, a Maryknoll priest lives much like his poor neighbors in predominantly Muslim Bangladesh. He bathes and washes clothes in the communal pond, and cooks simple meals on a one-burner stove. He also goes about locating those in need of medical care and makes sure they receive. 26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 5 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia:  A tale of friendship between Patty Curran, a Maryknoll lay missioner and Kong Chim, a vibrant 20-year-old Cambodian woman, who lost a leg to a land mine at the age of twelve. Patty sees Kong, struggling with courage and independence, despite her broken body, as a model for young Cambodians today. 26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 6 - Lima, Peru:  Pete Byrne a Maryknoll priest and Andres Zuniga, a young Peruvian man, formerly a child of the streets himself, struggle for the dignity of streets.
26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 7 - Baguio, Philippines:  Ann Marie Braudis, a Maryknoll Sister joins with the indigenous Cordillera people to defend land they regard as sacred against a monstrous open-pit gold mining operation. 26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 8 - Shinyanga, Tanzania:  Ernest Brunelle, a Maryknoll priest faces a dilemma of the life and death struggle of the Sukuma people in the midst o a severe drought.
26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 9 - Cambodia:  John Barth, a Maryknoll priest struggles to work for the rehabilitation of the blind in Cambodia. 26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 10 - Syazche’, Guatemala:  The odyssey of Marty Shea, a Maryknoll missioner with the indigenous poor of Guatemala, has taken him through the massacre in the jungles of El Peten, to exile in Mexico, to the return today to their homeland. 26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 11 - Nairobi, Kenya:  On a continent where over twenty million people are HIV positive, Charlotte cook, a Maryknoll lay missioner works with Benta Aoko, a Luo woman from a local Christian community, to accompany people in the slums living with AIDS. With the disappearance of traditional cultural supports in the city, they try to fill the gap so no one dies alone, finding strength in the African belief that death is part of life. 26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)

► Episode 12 - Joao Pessos, Brazil:  Euphrasia Nyaki, a Tanzanian Maryknoll sister, rediscovers her own roots among Afro-Brazilian poor women. 26 minutes (Gr. 4-12)


► Maryknoll - Children of the Earth Series:
(each segment is 14 minutes and a teaching guide is provided)

• Africa Close-Up - English & Spanish:  Egypt and Tanzania (Gr. K-8)

Asia Close-Up-Spanish Version:  Japan and Cambodia. (Gr. 4-12)
• Asia Close-Up II:  Thailand and the Philippines. (Gr. 4-12)
• Caribbean Close-Up - English & Spanish:  Haiti and the Dominican Republic. ( Gr. 4-12)

Central America Close-Up:  t Guatemala and El Salvador . (Gr. 4-12)
• Cuba Close - Up:  Havana and Pinar del Rio. ( Gr. 4-12)
• Mexico Close-Up:  Ciudad Juarex, Chihuahua and Acteal, Chiapas ( Gr. 4-12)
• Native American Close-Up:  Navajo Reservation in Arizona and Chehalts Reserve, British Columbia, Canada. (Gr. 4-12)
• South America Close-Up:  Peru and Brazil. (Gr. 4-12)

South Africa Close-Up:  Cape Town. (Gr. 4-12)
Maryknoll World Productions (VHS)

► From Sunup- Filmed in Tanzania, it reflects the condition of poor women in Third World countries and their multiple roles, including provider, mother, cook and entrepreneur. It dramatically illustrates that the source of hope lies in the women’s support of each other.
28 minutes All grades

► The Global Banquet- Politics of Food 2-parts, 25 minutes each, includes study guide.
Part One: Who’s Invited? Learn about free trade policies and what the World Bank has to say about it.
Part Two: What’s on the Menu? Learn about cash crops, short term profits earth’s resources, animal cruelty, cheap labor and small family farms. (High School)

The Ties That Bind - Stories behind the Immigration Controversy. 
This film looks at the human drama behind current debate over US immigration policy. The one-hour programs roams both sides of the Texas-Mexico border to present the human face of immigrants and their families. 56 minutes (High School)

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► A Toy Is What You Make It
This video shows the life of children in Kenya, Peru, Sri Lanka, and Turkey and how making toys puts the children in touch with the skills and traditions of their ancestors and helps them prepare for careers in mechanics, engineering and handicrafts. 25 minutes

► Rites of Passage 
This documentary presents the stories of the coming of age of four girls from Nicaragua, India, Jamaica and Burkino Faso, West Africa. It illustrates that puberty is too often the beginning of al life of abuse and early death in many societies. 30 min. (Gr. 7-12)

► Tomorrow We Will Finish
This video touches on how the government of Nepal is taking steps to reduce child labor in the rug factories.
25 minutes (General)
► Catholic Communication Campaign(DVD)
► Come to the Water... the Adult Journey to Baptism

Pascal Plisson - DVD

On the Way to School: This film interweaves four pupils forced to confront and overcome countless, often dangerous obstacles on their journey to the classroom.  77 minutes- all age groups


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