Lay Missioners

Lay Mission Program   

In 2011, with a substantial bequest from members of the Lockett family, the Ben Lockett Lay Missionary Program was established.

The lay missioners are tasked with serving  Catholic Charities of Granada (CCG) and other areas where their personal gifts may lie. Deacon Pat Moran, his wife Dr. Katie, and three children, Ben, Rachel and Rebecca, were the first to answer the call. They served faithfully until the political crisis, and when the violence surged they returned home with the children. However, Deacon Pat continued making short trips striving to help organize CCG and the clinics. Accepting new lay missioners at present is deterred by the political situation.

We are very indebted to Deacon Pat for working to form the internal structures within CCG to insure that the administration of the clinics will lead into the future.



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