On-Going Clinics


On-Going Clinics

Many missionary doctors through the years have expressed concern for the need of more ongoing medical care beyond the mission trips. The first to be established was a dental clinic, which was followed by a women´s clinic in Fatima parish and then a second dental clinic was opened in El Carmen parish. When the original funding for the woman´s clinic was spent, we made the decision to continue funding the clinic as a general medicine clinic. We have a fully functional eye clinic at Cristo Sana House. This clinic is used during trips and other special programs.

At the present time, Dr. Meyling is the general medicine and pharmacy physician; the dentists are Drs. Mario, Jorge and Anabel. There are two dental assistants, two receptionists, maintenance/driver and a bookkeeper. I am continually affirmed by the commitment and dedication of all the staff. They witness a great love for the mission and the people they serve. We are very blessed indeed to have their collaboration.

A strong part of our mission has been to work in collaboration with local medical personnel. We have had good relationships with the hospital over the years, for which we are grateful. However, the doctors and dentists in the clinics have given us the best opportunity to serve in the spirit of collaboration.

The ideal vision for the clinics would be that they are self-sustaining in terms of salaries and ordinary expenses. The vision would have the funds CTH raises to support the structural and equipment needs of the clinics and new outreaches in areas outside Granada. We are in the discerning stage of choosing between a vision of opening clinics in other areas or developing a mobile-clinic. To move forward with either expansion we are in need of greater funding.

As the reputations of the dental clinics grow in the communities they serve, we believe that they will be self-sustaining soon. However, the necessity for new equipment and its up keep in a dental clinic is substantial. The medical clinic and pharmacy continue to grow. The patient receives up to two prescriptions with the consult fee. Even with buying the medicine from the labs, the fee doesn’t always cover the cost of the medicine. With the present crisis, it is the best we can do.

During 2019, the Fatima medical clinic treated 4,917 patients, the Fatima dental clinic provided service for 2,266 patients, and in the first five months of operation the El Carmen dental clinic 310 patients were served. The numbers in all the clinics continue to grow, especially in the El Carmen dental clinic. In 2019 a donation of  $50,425 for normal expenses and improvements was sent, the clinics took in $33,410 in fees and the total expenses were $77,693.


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