Lay Mission Program

Lay Missionaries to Granada, Nicaragua
The Archdiocese of New Orleans formed a relationship with the Diocese of Granada in 1992 with the founding of Christ the Healer Medical Mission (CTH).  This mission of sending teams of doctors to Granada several times a year has grown from offering medical attention during the week long visits.

CTH has expanded into dentistry and eye care, but most significantly it has grown to sponsoring a women’s clinic and two dental clinics that function year round for the service of the poor.  CTH has also collaborated with the angels of Asociación de Cristo Sana and the Daughters of Charity to found Los Niños, a home to take in the street kids and other children who have nowhere else to turn.

Notre Dame Seminary later moved its Acompaño program to Granada.  Acompaño is part of the seminary formation in order to give the men a short immersion experience in the church of the developing world.  There is some collaboration with the seminary there.

The vision for CTH is to work in collaboration with the social ministries of the diocese of Granada.  The first missions actually used the salon of the social services office (Caritas) to see the patients.  The three clinics are all located on parish property and operated with in collaboration with the pastors.   Over the years Asociación de  Cristo Sana has taken on more and more of the responsibility for the planning, organizing and legal details to insure the success of the visits.

There are four major functions the mission’s office hope to accomplish with the lay missioners program and team.

►  Support and sustain lay missioners as a witness of
    our call to be active in the missionary activity of the

► To support and nurture an ongoing relationship with
    the Diocese of Granada and its service to the poor,
    especially through Caritas.

► To provide experienced and well formed laity here in
    New Orleans to aid in the education and
    evangelization work of the Pontifical Mission Societies. 

► To provide support and assistance to the work
    of CTH.

The lay missioner primary connection to the diocese of Granada will be through the social pastoral committee that Bishop Solázano will form and the office of Caritas.  These diocesan groups will define the scope in which the missioners will function.  The missioner’s own unique gifts and talents will be a primary focus for planning their pastoral work in Granada.

Lay Missioners are required to commit at least 2 years of service to receive full benefits from the program.  The ideal is that each year a new missioner will come on board replacing one completing their two years of service.  The other missioner will have one year of experience.

Our target date is 2014. Please pray that we are successful in our endeavor.


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