Hogar de Niños


Los Niños 

After the founding of a day center for the street kids, Sr. Renee was followed by the Daughters of Charity, who founded Los Niños home for boys. After many years the Brothers of Charity took over the running of the home.

They were also working with street kids in Granada at Jésus Amigo. Presently Jésus Amigo is at the Los Niños site where boys recently off the street or with addiction issues are living.

Their site in Granada, Casa Amanecer now boards boys who are more stable, but due to family issues are in need of a safe place to live. Both facilities strive to work with the families leading them to create more stable homes. Both facilities also offer daytime programs of tutoring, meals and family dynamics for local children and families. At present there are about 40 boys boarding and 150 participating in the daytime programs.

We have continued to support this mission through the years. At present CTH sends $6,000 each year to the Brothers of Charity and we try to spend time with them during the trips.


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