Mission Details

Christ the Healer - Mission Details

► The Mission
The mission is a seven day journey that explores the understanding of God's action in the world. It begins on Saturday with the arrival in Granada. Sunday is a day of rest to experience the sites and sounds of Granada. Monday the day begins with orientation at the hospital with the Nicaraguan medical staff. The work week is Monday through Friday with time to enjoy the local culture.  Mass and reflection are an integral part of the mission experience, so are strongly encouraged. Saturday the missionaries return home.

► Prior to Trip
$150 registration fee is due with Application Form.
  *(registration fee is non-refundable)
•  A room will be reserved in your name. 
• You are responsible for purchasing your ticket.
   Please send your itinerary via e-mail to:
   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

► Tentative Schedule
• Seven day program 
• Travel on Saturdays- arrival/departure 
• Sunday a leisure day
• Monday - Friday

► Morning Prayer & Reflection
   Breakfast Daily 7 a.m.

► Morning work schedule
   8 a.m. - 12 noon (12-2 lunch & siesta)

► Afternoon work schedule
   2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

► Evening Mass, and visiting local orphanages
   6 p.m.

► Required Notarized Documentation
• Supply current notarized copy of your medical license, state
  certificate and CV (new form)
• Notarized photo copy of your Medical Diploma & 
   American Board Certificate 
• List of all medicines you will bring into the country
   of Nicaragua - 60 days prior to departure

All forms, licenses and diplomas are to be notarized and sent to the Propagation of the Faith office.

► Average Cost
The cost of the trip varies due to the flux of airfare.
The average trip can cost $1,500. This would include airfare, hotel, food and taxes.
• Ticket $600-$800
$150 Registration fee (non-refundable)
• Entry tax $5
• Hotel accommodations - ($350 week-single)
• Food approximately- $175 for the week

► Luggage Regulations
• Please check with your Airline for current regulations

► Currency
Nicaraguan Cordoba - current rate is 30.21 to 1 US dollar
Bring small bills as money is exchanges in cordoba's-there is a bank around the corner from the hotel to exchange money if necessary



► Accommodations for Christ the Healer Missionaries
Christ the Healer has enlisted the services of Casa La Merced in Granada. The price for a room is $60 (US dollars) per person. All rooms have private baths and A/C. Some rooms are available for less but do not have hot water. Towels are included but not wash clothes. It is located two block from the Square directly across from Le Merced Church. 

Meals can be purchased at the hotel restaurant and charged to your room. Advance notification is requested if special meals are required. All major credit cards are accepted.

► Medicine/Supply Form
• Medicine/Supply form


► Christ the Healer - Advisory Board:
• Rev. James J. JeanfreauDirector
• Kristie B. VollentineProgram Coordinator/Treasurer
Michael Dunn, MDChairman of the Board
• Donna Molay, RN, Secretary
• Charles HaddadMD
 Fr. David Munn
Rev. Charles Johnson, OP
Jane Mc Dow, OD
• Kathleen Pilie', RN
• James Rosato, CRNA
• William Von Almen, MD



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