Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders - Mission Immersion Program
 Bolivia  - Coming 2019
► Brief History
Bridge Builders is a seven day program during the summer months. It provides a live-in educational opportunity for a small group of teachers, catechists, youth ministers and mission coordinators. The program is structured to promote a sense of global Church-in-mission and provides realistic experiences to share with family, students and co-workers. Henceforth, the missionary becomes a "bridge builder" connecting local church to local church.
► Goal
To develop and provide an opportunity to promote:
• An on-going, personal conversion to Christ
• An appreciation and respect for other cultures and values
• A familiarity with the Church's evolving teaching on mission
• A spirit of solidarity to build bridges from local ministry
  to the universal Church
► Mission Statement
Bridge Builders is a mission education program of the Archdiocese of New Orleans that touches the hearts of educators ~ those who touch the lives of children.  It seeks to provide cross-cultural mission experiences to those who serve the local Church in pastoral and catechetical ministry, thus nurturing their spirit of missionary zeal. By becoming more acquainted with the missionary activity of the Church, sharing faith with other participants, and forming relationships with people in other cultures, participants more effectively bring a missionary dimension to all aspects of their teaching and evangelizing ministries.
► Please pray for our mission

► The Mission office staff:
•  Fr. Jimmy Jeanfreau
•  Tanya B. Cenac
•  Kristie B. Vollentine

Download our Mission Program Flyer:
Bridge Builders Mission Immersion Program Flyer


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