► Brief History:
Acompaño is an introductory missionary experience that offers seminarians real exposure to social injustice and third world poverty. Designed to reiterate the universal church and the dignity of human life, Acompaño allows seminarians to walk with the poor of Granada, Nicaragua. In that walking with, both the missionaries and those they serve come to see Christ in the other and in themselves.

The term Acompaño came to be used because of its authentic representation of life in Central American culture. There, the people accompany each other through the diversity and hardships of life. Our insertion into that culture, although temporary, is to reflect that walking with and to see missionary work of the Church first hand.
► Philosophy of ACOMPAÑO
It is the philosophy of Acompaño that missionary evangelization is at its best when it is offered within the context of interpersonal relationships.

With regard to missionary activity, the approach of Acompaño differs from that of other programs. While missionary zeal in the past has had an "I will fix it" attitude, Acompaño's is more relational. Acompaño and its participants visit Nicaragua hoping to observe and learn as much as they hope to work and assist.
Thus, the success of Acompaño is not determined, for example, by the number of work sites established and assisted in. Rather, the success of Acompaño is measured in the witness that we've shared with the people of Nicaragua as well as the missionary spirit that we've cultivated in our hearts.

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