Eye Clinic

Christ the Healer - Eye Clinic
The Eye Clinic was established in November 2002 as a free clinic to provide eye exams and glasses for the poor in the area. The clinic was equipped by donations from the Louisiana Optometry
Association under the guidance of Dr. Jim Sandefur, Executive Director. The clinic has two examination lanes and one optical finishing lab. Approximately 250 ready to dispense reading glasses are kept in stock and several hundred pairs of uncut lenses and frames are kept on hand.

We suggest that you bring your own TONO-Pen, retinoscope, and ophthalmoscope. Some equipment does not work perfectly. So be prepared to improvise. (Instructions for using the eye clinic will be provided in your trip packet.)
Hogar de Ancianos La Providencia is the new location for the clinic. The Clinic is served by Ophthalmologists plus Optometrists sponsored by the Louisiana Optometry Association and Opticians from the Louisiana Association of Dispensing Opticians. Approximately 300 patients are treated during each mission.

New Clinic Opens January 2015

The new eye clinic in Granada was dedicated by Monseñor Jorge Solorzano of Granada and Father Jimmy Jeanfreau of New Orleans. The eye clinic, Casa Cristo Sana is located near the Central Park of Granada.
The clinic is a large room with two refracting lanes and air conditioning. Most of the equipment was donated by the Louisiana Optometry Association under the guidance of Jim Sandefur, OD. Dr. Jeanne Herman, OD, David Munn  and Dr. Jane McDow, OD, all from New Orleans, helped open the clinic in January. The clinic gave out over 500 pairs of reading glasses in its  first week of operation. An additional 80 pairs of prescription glasses will be made in New Orleans and brought back to Granada in April. This new eye clinic will be very beneficial to the Granada community.

► Christ the Healer - Advisory Board:
  • Rev. James J. JeanfreauDirector
  • Kristie B. VollentineProgram Coordinator/Treasurer
  • Michael Dunn, MD Chairman of the Board
  • Donna Molay, RN, Secretary
  • Charles HaddadMD
  • Fr. David Munn
  • Jane Mc Dow, OD
  • Kathleen Pilie', RN
  • James Rosato, CRNA
  • William Von AlmenMD