Trip Information

CTH Trip Information


Dates for 2018:

Update:  The July trip has been cancelled.

► January 20-27 • April 21-28 • July 28-Aug. 4
   • Christ the Healer Medical Mission Program Guidelines

► Christ the Healer Application Form:
    Your registration will be finalized upon the reception
     of the $150 registration fee *( fee is non-refundable)

► Application Form:
  • 2018 Christ the Healer Application Form

New CV Form
  •  Muestra CV Form

► Important Information is Available:
  • PowerPoint Presentation
► Important Guidelines for Mission Immersion:
  • Medicine/Supply Form

► Health Ministry Guidelines for Medicine and Supplies:
  • Health Minister Restricted Medicines
  • Health Ministry Guidelines
    (Please send your information 30 days prior to departure)

 ► For Information Contact:
     Kristie Vollentine
     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What Do I Need for a Trip: 

General Trip Information and What to Bring: